Properly Posh Playlist: Fun.


Fun. is my absolute favorite band of all time. Due to their unique style and soothing beats, its very easy to fall in love with all of their music. The popularity of the song, “We Are Young”, increased the recognition of the band. A few months after the song was released, Fun. dropped another single called, “Some Nights”, which also hit number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Due to the success of the two singles, the band won Best New Artist and Song of the Year earlier this year. Fun. is an extremely fresh band full of vibrancy and creativity. Nate Ruess, the lead singer and songwriter, is a tremendous talent that has the ability to write catchy, yet meaningful lyrics and then, bring those words to life through his uniquely beautiful voice. In conclusion, Fun. is a band worth listening to! Don’t believe me, listen to my recommended songs for each of their albums.

Aim and Ignite (Released in 2009)

1. Light A Roman Candle With Me
2. The Gambler
3. All The Pretty Girls

Some Nights (Released in 2012)

1. Out on the Town (Bonus Track)
2. Carry On
3. Its Get Better

Hopefully, you can take the time to listen to the recommended songs and fall in love with the band as much as I did 🙂


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