Can Tall Girls Wear Heels?

All my life I have felt insecure because of my height. When I looked in the mirror, I always perceived that my height made me look man-ish or EXTREMELY unattractive. It took me years to think, or even look at, a pair of heels. It was when I moved to the big city that I told myself, “Hey, I can wear whatever I want to wear!”And so, I started to wear heels at school. Then, the indignant comments began.

“OMG why are you wearing those? You are already tall enough!”

“Wow you are such a giant!”.

“Girl you need to take those off, you already make me feel short!”

I began to feel even more self conscious, to the point where I truly hated myself! I remember one time I lied on my bed and started to cry,immensely. I just kept replaying in my mind the harsh looks and crude comments I received from others that day. Finally, my mother saw that I was distressed and asked what was wrong. I told her about the rude remarks I was getting from my peers due to wearing heels. At that moment, my mother gave me precious advice that I have always remembered, even til this today!

1) DO WHAT YOU WANT: Why should you stop doing what you like because someone dislikes it? Skrew that! If you are not hurting yourself or others, then it’s perfectly fine. If you are tall and love your heels, then I say girl, “Werk it”!

2) THEY ONLY SAY THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE INSECURE/JEALOUS: Think about it. Why would someone shorter than you care that you are wearing heels unless they are insecure about their height. Some people like to retaliate on others by making them feel less about themselves because,internally,they feel inferior. NEVER let someone make you feel bad about yourself because you are BEAUTIFUL:)

3) DON’T BE RUDE. JUST CALMLY SAY YOUR PLEA. If someone ask you, “Why do you wear heels?” Don’t become belligerent. I know, it’s very annoying when people always ask that question, but there is no reason to get upset or mad. Just calmly reply to it.

4) ALWAYS BE CONFIDENT. Don’t ever doubt yourself. No matter if you are 5’6 or 6’2, your height is beautiful. Heels are just a fashionable way for us to show off our gorgeous long legs šŸ™‚ Always remember three things, “Pose.Strut.Werk!”

Have any questions? Something I didn’t cover? Comment šŸ™‚

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